DMIT Analysis - know your Child's "INBORN TALENT"

(Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test DMIT Helps You Discover your Inborn Talents)

Medical experts confirmed that fingerprints provide accurate analysis of person's inborn talents

This is useful tool for every parent & teachers to understand theirchild and student. It helps you to focus on strength and weakness of child, which will help your child overall Growth.

Unfortunately, most of us have a little sense of talents and strengths, much less the ability to build our lives around us. Instead, guided by our parents, teachers and managers or influenced by media, peers and friends, we become numbed and blinded thus practice our weaknesses and spend our lives in mediocrity, while our strengths lie dormant and neglected. And the vicious cycle is kept on going as we use the similar ways to raise our next generation.

We all have talents. No one has all talents".



Our Approach

We have to understand that DMET is not Astrology. It's nothing about your future telling. It finds out someone's inborn talents and weaknesses and provide guide line to utilize your innate.

Our approach is to

  1. Understand child's natural character traits
  2. Identify best learning style for child
  3. Identify child's innate talents and weaknesses
  4. Make child Learn programs & teaching methods


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test (DMIT), a revolutionary system helps an individual to identify their talents, to build them into strengths, and to enjoy the constituent, as well as to fulfill the ultimate need of self-actualization.

DMIT is a system that Identifies the most prevalent ' human intrinsic potential with the theory of human " genetic inheritance. Through decades of research, scientists found out that our fingerprints implicit the simultaneousness of the development between our fingerprints and human brains neocortex.

The system introduces dominant Personality Types, Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, Inborn Potential of Brain and Learning Sensitivity Index. With thousands of possible combinations, it reveals the best way to be translated Into education, personal and career success.