"All Power Is With In You, You Can Do Anything & Everything" 

Brain Champions core objective is to establish the child's career with in 15-20 years of age. It is the first institute in India working for an in-born intelligence of child and committed to bring child's talent up to the National level.

Remember.... Every child has unique potential, our job is to identify & provide a customized solution to create " National Stars" .


Child Analysis -

  • Psychometric
  • Finger Print
  • Observation


(Child Analysis helps to discover the inborn talent of your child).

This is a useful tool for every parent & teachers to understand their child and student. It helps you to focus on strength and weakness of child, which will help your child overall Growth. 

know your Child's


here's better way to get the best solution for you child



Brain Activation Workshop

According to the scientist's reviews. man only incorporates less than 10%  of his brain capacity. This shows how awesome a human brain can be, if its utilized more. Brain Activation workshop involves Brain Gym, meditation, neuro-aerobics, concentration, brain teaser, music therapy & brain balancing.

Brain Activation Workshop will further strengthen & improve child's, ability. If children can use their whole brain, this will help them to obtain success in their future.

  • Improve Academic Performance
  • Improve Concentration
  • Enhance Memory Power
  • Powerful Intuition
  • Self Confidence
  • Low stress during revision & hoe work



Higher Self-esteem and Confidence. More articulate thinking style & sharper mind.